Friday, March 21, 2014

What Some Parents Have Said About Move-N-Learn Academy

With all the recent economic turmoil in our country, many people have been holding tightly to their money, choosing not to invest, spend, or risk losing any more than they possibly can.  For the last three summers, I have experienced a risk-free, sure-fire, solid investment in my son's education and development through the Move-N-Learn classes at Academy of Fine Arts.  Five year-olds can be tough to keep entertained and actively engaged in learning during the summer months.  With the Move-N-Learn program, my son is actively learning about subjects related to music, reading, science, and physical movement.  In addition, he has learned to swim and gained much confidence in this area. He no longer swims with floaties, jumps bravely into the pool alone, loves to float, go underwater and pretend to be a fish!  It thrills me to watch my son growing so confident in himself and his own abilities.  As a teacher, the quality education of my children is a top priority.  What better monetary investment can I make for them? 
Sonya Covalt
  The move-n-learn program has been the most viable choice for my child. We weren't sure how she would do considering she is very attached to her mother. So, the first two weeks she cried, but I was determined to keep her in there but it was good for her and for mom.  She excelled with her colors and now even after  summer move-n-learn is over she still wants to go to class. So, it has been very beneficial.  It has not only helped the detachement problem with mom but also she has now started talking more, wanting to play with others, and she has grown mentally too.  I am a proud parent of a move-n-learn student.
Susan O'Handley

The summer Move-n-Learn program has been extremely beneficial to my 3 year old daughter.  What better place for them to learn than a one-on-one experience within a small class.  Of course she was ecstatic about the swimming lessons but she also loved the music, dance, and curriculum they learned.  It was proven after every class of her acceleration within these areas - she is no longer afraid of water, she knows her "powerful words" and can tell you what they mean, she is constantly singing and dancing around with songs and moves they learned in class and she shows courtesy for others.  This is hands down the best investment in your child’s life and future that you could spend.
Angela Reid (mother of Whitley Reid)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Now There Are Options

For many years, parents would tell us about their anxieties of their children outgrowing Move-N-Learn Academy and having to seek out an education elsewhere. Or we were told about how their children were having a hard time adjusting to a different learning environment.

Now there are no worries! We now offer Learning Coach Services for students that are attending virtual school! This means that a parent can register for virtual school or virtual public school and remain with our teaching staff and facility! All you have to do is register with the virtual public school and then outsource the Learning Coach position with us!

Oh! And by outsourcing the learning coach position with us, your child will also take classes in dance, gymnastics/tumbling, music instruments and voice, art, computers and more! All for one fee!
It is like private school with out the private school cost!

But check us out soon, because we can only take a limited number of students each year!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Since 1986

We have offered out arts enhanced preschool since 1986! It just dies not seem possible that in two more years, our preschool academy will be 30 years old! Amazing!

What makes Move-N-Learn Academy so different that it has lasted this long as a favored preschool in our community of Woodward? Probably because of our great teachers over the years and the forward thinking of our entire staff! Forward thinking meaning that we have always been working at evolving the preschool so that it kept up with the times. Forward thinking because of the times we have taken children into the program that other programs would possibly turn away due to their learning or behavioral problems. Forward thinking because we have always saw ourselves as a school and never as a day care.

 From the very beginning, Move-N-Learn Academy has incorporated the performing and fine arts into our educational system. Gymnastics has also been a big part of the learning as well since we really believe in the body and mind connection. Lessons using the fine arts have brought about a great wealth of knowledge for out students. For instance, how many two year olds learn the shapes of octagon, wedge, cube, cylinder, etc. in the preschools that do not offer gymnastics?

Over the years, we have had many public elementary educators come to us and say " I think I have one of your preschool students in my class this year." When asked the name of the student, 99.9% of the time they were correct. The child did come through our preschool program from 2-5 yrs. of age. It has always been wonderful when the public educator has added, " Your kids are always so ready for school and beyond!"

So what is in the future of Move-N-Learn Academy? We think that the direction our school is headed is outstanding! We have had computers in the school for the past ten years and have moved on with adding more technology and engineering. Yes, we still have our center for blocks as part of the engineering, but now we have also incorporated software that is fun and builds on math skills in working with arcs, semicircle, straight lines and more. With this software, student learn to construct roads and railways, add trains, helicopters, trucks, cars. water fronts and more. They are truly engineers!

Music is becoming a bigger part of our school as well. Every students gets music by singing and learning to use rhythm instruments, but our older students (4-5 yrs.) also start on pre-piano. All ages also start working with recognizing music symbols and notes as well.

Dance and performance means that each child has a chance to perform for their families at our spring show. Thus training them for other public situations in the future. Remember  being afraid to stand up and do an oral book report? Our students see it as just another opportunity to perform!

We think it is outstanding that our little school has weathered the years and the upgrades well. We believe  that as long as we embrace changing times as something good and an opportunity to continue to grow, we will have many more years of teaching area children! That is why in August of 2014, we will be opening a Move-N-Learn Academy in Enid as well!

We hope you will join us this year at Move-N-Learn Academy to experience to excitement and growth that is available for your child. Fall registration is now available on line at

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Changes coming to Move-N-Learn for Fall 2014

We have had our preschool since 1986 and every few years, we update the program to offer the best preschool and pre-k academic program in our area. It is one of those years again! And so, we will be updating some of the standards as well as looking at the curriculum.

What will not change is that with us, your child will have the opportunity for dance, tumbling, art, computers and more. Our standards will not be lowered, but raised higher. Higher means that your child is more than prepared for their Kindergarten year.

One of the changes is that your child will not have to leave us when they are ready for Kindergarten. They will be able to stay in an environment that they love and feel secure in. Their academics will be through Oklahoma Connections Academy, but their learning coaches will be our staff.

Be are  excited about this change and are looking towards the future for our students.